What Exactly Are LED Lights?

Lights are an important fixture on any vehicle. Whether you've had one go out, experienced inclement weather, or simply need more out of your headlights, you can tell the importance. At Nissani Bros. Acura, we have the service and parts department to fully deliver on all of your light needs, as well as other needs that may inflict harm on your vehicle. A part of finding the right lights is being informed by what's currently hot on the market. In this case, LED lights, or Light Emitting Diode. So, what exactly are these lights and why are they so popular?

LED: Powerful, Yet Efficient

LED lights have been replacing bulb and Halogen lights as the preferred options for several years now. LED lights are much more efficient than the alternative bulbs since they last nearly a lifetime, they also deliver more power and watt output than the traditional bulbs. Since they don’t burn anything, merely emit light from a voltage-current, they're cool to the touch. With traditional bulbs and halogen lights, they typically need to be replaced more, unlike the LED lights which are incredibly durable. Further, LED lights are capable of being utilized anywhere throughout your vehicle, not limited to just the tail light or front light.

With a traditional bulb, simply unscrewing it and replacing the bulb with another does the trick for most repairs. However, with LED and other high voltage bulbs such as Xenon HID, the current and voltages might be a little tricky to navigate. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with our certified experts who would be more than happy to perform auto-service.

For any and all of your Acura lighting needs, we would love to help you out considering we are the Acura dealer Inglewood drivers trust. Just schedule service and we will promptly take care of you as quickly as we can.

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