Find Acura Lease Terms near Playa Vista

When shopping for a new Acura model, you’ll have several factors to consider before you take one home. Aside from choosing which luxurious Acura car or SUV you want to bring home, deciding your finance terms might be the most important decision you’ll make. Hooman Acura of Santa Monica is here to help by offering some more information about leasing a new Acura from our dealership near Playa Vista.

Benefits of Leasing near Playa Vista

When it comes to leasing a new luxury car or SUV from our dealership, you’ll find several advantages over traditional financing.

The lower monthly payments will allow you to afford a vehicle that is much more expensive than traditional financing might allow. This means you can feel free to add a few extra features or even jump into a more expensive model altogether and still feel comfortable with the monthly payment.

Most leases run between two and three years, so you’ll enjoy the best of a brand-new Acura model and then trade up for a new vehicle in a short period of time. Not only does this mean you’ll always be keeping up with the latest cars and SUVs we have to offer, but you’ll never be out of warranty so you can drive with confidence.

If you’re approaching the end of your lease term and you decide you love your Acura enough to keep it, you will still have that option! This is a great way to see if you’ll enjoy living with a vehicle long term before making the full commitment.

Find incentives that offer an even better deal and lower either your down payment or your monthly payments on a new Acura lease from our dealership. With both dealership and manufacturer incentives changing throughout the year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to score a great lease deal near Playa Vista.

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If you’re ready to lease a new Acura car or SUV from our dealership near Playa Vista, visit us today! We’ll explore your options, send you out for a test drive of your chosen Acura vehicle, and send you home with lease terms you can feel good about.

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